Wednesday, March 21, 2007

YouTube and the 2008 Campaign

The advent of sites like YouTube has allowed the spread of personally created media. While much of it is frivolous, it is also becoming a place for more serious endeavors. A campaign ad comparing Hillary Clinton to the leviathan IBM in the Apple '1984' commercial was recently posted, promoting Barack Obama. Barack Obama has said that he had nothing to do with the creation of the ad, but that isn't really the point. Many campaign ads are created and paid for by advocate groups without the specific consent of the candidate.

Could this be a more cost-effective way to reach voters. Are voters visiting the YouTube website? I vote and I look at videos on YouTube. If people look at campaign ads on You Tube and then e-mail them to their friends, the effect is immediate and viral.

This new platform for political promotion could act in concert with TV (at significantly less cost) or it could begin to replace traditional television campaigns. Candidates that cannot afford expensive TV campaigns could offer their message across a platform like YouTube.

Could YouTube be the future battleground of mainstream campaigning?

Take a look at the video below. It is obviously of a professional quality.

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