Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tivo's role in media transformation

Tivo is currently involved in the trend to try and connect the living room television with the home computer. This comes after Tivo has already "revolutionized" the way many viewers watch television by allowing them to avoid commercials and watch television on their own schedules. Ultimately users should be able to transfer content freely from their televisions to their computers and, perhaps more importantly, vice-versa. While Tivo has not perfected this ability for users, it is moving in the right direction. Tivo Desktop (a free download) allows users to transfer Tivo recordings to their computers for permanent storage, DVD creation, or computer viewing. Tivo is also involved in a partnership with that allows content to be purchased on the web, through Amazon, and watched on the Tivo. Unfortunately, as far a I know, non-Amazon computer files are unable to be transferred to Tivo from the computer, unless the file was originally recorded on a Tivo. Sorry Tivo team for stealing any of your thunder, please add if necessary.

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