Thursday, March 22, 2007

How Businesses are Using Web 2.0

I just finished reading a great article posting the results of a January 2007 McKinsey Global Survey of executives regarding what types of Web 2.0 technologies they are currently using and which technologies they are planning to use in the future. The survey received 2847 responses and 44% or respondants held C-level positions. You may need to create a fee account to read the article.

The results were par for the course except for one thing. According to the survey the technologies that get the most press time (e.g. blogs, podcasts and mash-ups) are finding the least current and planned future use in firms worldwide compared to their less sexy counterparts (e.g. knowledge management and web services). What the survey doesn't tell us is the root cause for this. Is it that executives are unable to place a tangible value on the use of these technologies or is it that they do not see them as having strategic value to the mission of the firm? It seems to me that firms are placing their bets on technologies that enable them to solidify and streamline their supply chains (web services) and better track their intellectual capital (knowledge management).

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N. Venkatraman said...

Thanks Tom! This provides a good pulse of what companies are doing and thinking about web 2.0.