Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share this site with anyone who still glances at this blog. My older brother put it together and I'm helping him get it out on the web. Drop me a line if you have any suggestions or encounter anything that looks like a bug. If you know of any good free stuff out there (including open source software and free ware please add it.

"Freenormous is a social site oriented solely on the idea of free stuff. It has free samples, free stuff, free after rebate items, etc. The point is voting up legit offers (say an offer for Dove Soap on as opposed to scammy offers. It's a digg clone with a different angle."



Sunday, September 16, 2007

Presentation Styles: Gates vs Jobs

Here's a good post on different presentation styles. Nice contrast between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

Worth taking a look.
The overall blog is also a good reference.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Free iPhone SIM Unlocking Software Available

From Mac Rumors: Original Link

Mac News

The folks over at iPhone Dev Wiki posted a free SIM unlock tool for the iPhone. Similar to the other solutions, this software-only solution should allow you to SIM unlock your iPhone, allowing you to use any GSM cell phone carrier. In the U.S. this limits your alternative choice to T-Mobile (over AT&T), but in other countries, GSM carriers are far more common.

The software is being mirrored (Gizmodo mirror) by a number of locations along with downloadable source code. Tutorials are still being developed but some early instructions have become available. At this time the instructions are not very user-friendly, so casual users may want to wait until a more automated solution is published.

More download links and information has been compiled in this forum thread by ascham87.

A few commercial solutions had previously been made available, ranging from $50-$100 per unlock.