Tuesday, March 27, 2007

winners, losers, business model

I go on the opposite side of Growe

i think consumers will win in the end, due to more sophisticated, relevant ads presented to them in a variety of formats. The pressure to present to these customers while avoiding harassing them will foster new innovation in ways in which ads are created and distributed. It will be sort of a sub-liminal (but not really) advertising campaign.

The losers will be any advertising agency that is mainly in paper ads and not connected to the software technology. While TV will still be a medium for years to come as well as paper, to truly leverage the advertising campaigns of the future companies will have to have cheaper, reliable resources to distribute their campaigns along traditional and Non-traditional mediums.

Business model is either going to be PPM or PPA, i go towards PPM (impression) because advertising is meant to buy, but most meant to inform and to base your costs only on when people buy is risky for a lot of companies

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