Sunday, March 18, 2007

Multi-Touch Computers--What Could They Mean?

It is worth watching.
Ask yourself:: What could such functionality mean in different industries?


Jeff Symons said...

This reminds me of articles I have read about Immersive Computing (and virtual reality before that). There has been talk of increasing the interaction between humans and computers for quite a while now. Ideas behind Immersive Computing and virtual reality can impact everything from surgery to construction projects. Interactive multimedia systems and video games are also typically shown as examples of immersive computing.

The key word behind this technology has always been "potential." When will this design integrate into the mainstream and replace the way we interact with computers today?

Gordon Rowe said...

Here is a link to another video of what is a very similar interface.

In my view, the potential impact of these new is that they are the leading enablers of new immersive technologies. Enabling intiutive control of three-dimensional models with your hands could provide researchers with incredible new ways to view and potentially change models that they are working on. The first adopters are guaranteed to be large institutions with the (grant) money available to experiment with these technologies, but in a few specific industries these displays could be very useful.