Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Liberating the People of the Temporal Shackles

In today's society we are constantly expected to achieve more or the same amount of work in less time with the help of technology. Where does that leave us? Working harder, longer, and stronger with fewer vacation days, less down-time, less time for self-reflection and personal development, less time for family, etc, thanks to the expectation of as services being perpetually on-line.

Therefore, while our European counterparts take their mandated 5 weeks vacation + holidays at entry levels positions, we want to maximize our entertainment experience when we can, on our terms, without distraction or limitations. Being freed of temporal constraints by services and devices such as TiVo, Video on Demand, Integrated DVRs, etc. has already added a lot of value to the traditional TV viewing experience. Applying the same concept we have from a professional standpoint (having our people be on-demand), applying the same concept across entertainment will undoubtedly be welcomed, in turn reducing risk of burn-out, allowing corporations to expect even more. Everyone wins.

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