Sunday, March 18, 2007

New Way to "Buyout" new Customers

Check out this link.

MS took the adding customers task to another level.
Is this an act of despair or something that will turn the tables?

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Brandon Mendoza - BU MBA 2007 said...

Wow. I hadn't heard about this Microsoft pay-for-search program until this blog post.

Were I an investor in Microsoft, I would be very discouraged by this new program. Masked as a method to improve the product, it smells suspiciously like an act of desperation. Regardless of your cash reserves, I don't think it's sustainable to attempt to purchase your customers or to purchase lock-in.

Where is Microsoft's confident swagger?

As mentioned in the article, Microsoft should focus their monies and efforts on true innovation - whether by thoroughly improving their product (search, office, etc) or by simply scrapping a product if it's not working.

This is the attitude that both Google (Google Labs) and Apple (Mac OS X) have chosen and a core reason to their current successes.