Thursday, March 22, 2007

HP Acquires Tabblo: Online Storage and More?

Tabblo located at 810 memorial Drive in Cambridge has apparently been acquired by HP. Tabblo was started with a simple observation: There is no good online application for putting together photos and words with styled templates that can be customized by the author for the purpose of telling a story. HP already owns a photo-sharing site: Snapfish.

The following is from HP's announcement:

"HP plans to leverage Tabblo’s technologies to make printing from the web easier and more convenient than it is today. Tabblo’s technology allows people to simply and efficiently arrange and print text, graphics and photos from the web. This is made possible by Tabblo’s custom template engine, using an AJAX-enriched interface.

HP plans to make this simple-to-use web-printing experience broadly available to people by working with other companies to integrate the technology into their websites. Together, HP and its partner companies will provide customers with a vastly improved web-based printing experience to meet the ever-growing need for simplified Internet-based printing.

“HP’s goal is to make printing content from the web the easiest and best experience possible for people – whether they are printing a simple map or a book of their favorite blogs,” said Vyomesh Joshi, executive vice president, Imaging and Printing Group, HP. “By acquiring Tabblo’s technology and making it available to companies that host popular websites, HP will be firmly on the path to becoming the print engine of the web.”

Another move in the continuing saga of transformations underway and search for robust business models and steady cashflow in photography!

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