Tuesday, March 27, 2007

New trend in Korea> e-textbook

In Korea, all text books will be replaced by ebooks by 2013 in elementary school. By using this students and teacher will have more interactive class and further they will obtain more deeper information timely using internet during class. However, I worry about the future of paper media in the fure if these kids are so get used to this e-media and instand education from their development stages. We have talked about the future of publication and paper media, but now it may be really in trouble since they won't have much paper media experiences and deep thought education.

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magerman.j said...

But replacing paper media seems like a goo thing, right? Because paper media is static, so when ideas change, and new learning is introduced, any paper media with the old knowledge is obsolete an largely useless(though I suppose you could use it for building fires, etc). Knowledge creation/enhancement is a dynamic process, and so is learning (at least it is becoming more so... as the existence of this blog can attribute). It makes infinitely more sense to store your knowledge in the web (were it is quicker/easier to update) than in 80 lbs. of books (that are breaking the backs of poor school children the world over).