Monday, March 5, 2007

Google Phone?

There have been many rumours and speculation about Google's plans in the mobile space.

One rumour is that it will offer a phone with Orange that may come close to free calls. Another speculation is that Google and Samsung will launch a mobile phone together. The leaked photo is here.

Third rumour is that Google is working on an operating system for mobile phones since this segment is growing faster than PCs. So, why fight yesterday's battle of PC operating systems?
This blog is detailed about Google OS for phones. The developments seem to be based on Google's acquisition of Skia.
It is particularly interesting in view of Google's link with Apple (which has announced iphone to be launched by mid year 2007).

Apple's pursuing an integrated hardware-software strategy while Google seems to be following a strategy perfected by Microsoft to focus on software while letting the ecosystem (Samsung as a lead partner, perhaps) to develop the hardware and negotiate with the mobile operators.

I would like someone who is keenly following the mobile phone industry and technologies to review this issue and comment on it in some detail for all our collective benfit.

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