Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Cisco Digital Media

Take a moment to ponder how much unique digital output you have created for business versus how much you have created personally. If you are a fairly boring individual like myself who spends far too much time consuming beer and watching sports, the answer is a no brainer. I have produced so many papers, powerpoints, and videoconferences for work, whereas at home, all I have to show is an update to the Wikipedia page on beagles (Mine is the cute Tan and White puppy)

In the future, I think that Cisco will play an increasingly important role in transforming the media landscape because as there is a shift toward user created content, they are positioned uniquely to shift from their role as leading business provider to a facilitator of personal content solutions. They already have a market leading foot in the door in data transmission hardware and they seem to be creeping more and more toward content creation hardware. If users learn how to create media in the workplace, maybe this will lead to a spillover into the personal market.

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