Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Apple TV and Beyond

The ability to either view what is on your computer on your tv or easily navigate the web on your tv completely changes the entertainment industry. Networks are already making their shows available on-line for free (with limited commercials) or for a small fee on itunes (commercial free) once they have aired, thereby letting the consumer watch whenever they want even without a tivo. The ability to watch on your television, rather than just your computer or your ipod, will bring in many more customers. More freedom can bring more viewers overall, but it can also limit the number of viewers at the time the show airs "live". This is a major problem for networks and advertisers because it is a paradigm shift for the industry. How will television ratings be determined? How will advertising fees be determined? Is television moving to a completely on demand model? Are our lives so busy and so media filled that we don't have time for appointment television anymore? Does must-see tv mean the same thing to a network if I can see it anytime I want?


Goog said...

Great Post!

JI said...

I saw an article in the WSJ today about the iTV and it showed the screen shot, but I was wondering if this product helps you watch live tv better like a TIVO... does anyone know?