Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Nike +

Nike+ is the revolutionary product that smartens-up your shoes and ties together your running and media consumption experience. Through accessing the excess capacity of the iPod Nano, the Nike+ product is able to inform the user about distances traveled and help focus training regimens through recorded data. This product is able to do all this with an additional cost to the user of only $30. It also creates greater lock-in for Apple (more items & lifestyle tied to their product line) and Nike (they build the only compatible shoes) and spurs additional sales of Nano (no other iPods are compatible with the + product.)

How this impacts media: As people become busier and as podcasts become a more prevalent source of people's news, consuming this media while multi-tasking will become ever more prevalent and necessary in our daily lives. This product also allows the Nano to become a smarter device. Currently the product is only communicating with the shoes, but with the creation of the iPhone, a future product that utilizes GPS mapping and logging to record routes or help the user navigate a pre-planned route are plausible product extensions. In this future, live broadcast or selected news feeds that are selectable on the go will help athletes stay connected during their morning jog.

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Sean said...

I am waiting the iPhone....and believe it will combine with GPS, Satellite Radio services, and 3G network in the future.

I believe that Apple cannot wait till 3G network infrastructure completed nationwide and want to lock in user in advance as what Apple did from the iPod first generation.