Thursday, March 8, 2007

Google Maps Integrated into BMW

This is another example of integration across domains to create seasmless service delivery.

It raises interesting questions such as:

1. Will Google make this functionality available to other car manufacturers?
2. What should GM OnStar do?
3. Does this have any effect on Microsoft-Ford Sync?
4. ipod integration in cars has taken off recently. What should Apple do to integrate iphone into cars?
5. What will Yahoo and Mapquest do to respond?



Sean said...

I think Google definitely taking the edge on its original user group and on its own customer behavior.

For instance, I used Google Maps all the times - then I tried Yahoo Maps and Mapquest.....then give up quickly. I have been familiar the Google Map interface and want to only use it.

Google also should extend its service to other car makers which don't locked in any other GPS/OnStar products and own large market shares, such as Toyota and Honda.

Brandon Mendoza - BU MBA 2007 said...
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Brandon Mendoza - BU MBA 2007 said...

I agree with Sean. I've used manufacturer-designed GPS/mapping devices in several vehicles and while some were much better than others, none of them were so superb that they could actually sway me to change my entire car purchase simply because of that discrete component.

That said, this mapping space appears to be a niche where manufacturers would do well to invite a measure of product standardization across the industry - let them focus on designing other components where they can add a much higher degree of value (engines, chassis, etc). They already outsource other components to varying degrees - brakes (Brembo), engine control units (Bosch), audio (Bose) - why not do it with maps?

Google has a great interface, people trust the name and quality of the results, let them pour in the development dollars into the interface.

Next stop AdSense from a car...

Mark Ferrara said...

I think Google would be smart to move Google maps across multiple automobile platforms. Ford-Sync is a media integration system. My team proposed (during the internal Motorola case competition) that the auto was going toward a model of internet connectivity. Integrating diagnostics systems and media through wireless; not through hard-line connections. If Google can be a part of that, they stand to gather a great deal of information and customer attention as they serve as the most basic auto net tool - the map.