Thursday, March 22, 2007

One clear trend in media is that it's consumption is being decentralized. The obvious part of this is geographic. Consumption moved from theatres and music halls to the home and now to portable devices. In the same way consumption no longer requires you to be physically in one place it is finding forms where you do not even need to focus your attention on it. Media is moving from the center of your focus to one part of a multitasking picture. People like texting in part because they can (rude as it is) do it while speaking to another person. IM enables many conversations at once. The walkman and now the iPods are a hit not just because the music was portable but because it was easy to consume while exercising or doing other things.
Following this trend I see 2 points for the future. First is ways to control devices with less effort such as being able to text without looking at the keys. More devices can be controlled by voice or eye motion to be hands free. Second is the ability to consume visual media without having to focus your attention on a screen such as with a HUD or projection would facilitate multitasking. (can you drive while semi-transparent images are projected on your windshield?)

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