Sunday, March 18, 2007

Who really knows 2.0? and how to make $ Cash Money...

Blog Millionaire Teaches How Not To Be An A-lister

Interesting blog review on Jason Calacani's (weblogs, Inc.) blog describing simple steps to make web 2.0 blogs A-List and potentially cash positive. That's why were in this right?

1. Blog intelligently. Think about your post for a day before you hit publish. Do research--do primary research in the real work. Write something with insight, and include links to other folks ideas.
2. Go to 2-3 events or conferences a week.
3. Get a great domain name that is easy to remember and spell (i.e.
4. Go to TechMeme and write an insightful piece daily about one of the top stories.
5. Start emailing other bloggers with feedback on their stories. (don't beg for links)
6. Be smart.
7. Don't be an idiot.

Rex Hammock from the blog counterpoints this pretty well. Interesting insight on content and quality. Successful bloggers don't focus primarily on technology, but incorporate it into more entertaining formats relating to a wide variety of blog information (i.e. day-to-day, travel etc...).

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