Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Who will be the winner in the future media & entertainment field?

Winner: Apple
Loser: Original players in the middle of the value chain (i.e. retail stores)
Business Model: Apple's iTunes + iPhone (iPod) + Apple TV

Every big firm is trying to be the only player in the living room - like other gaming, cable services provider, and etc., Apple is having more edge on the stage. Along the success of the iPod, Apple has been making some innovation into the living room, like Airport Express, the light, portable wireless station can play music remotely from your iTunes. All previous attempts will go to the final business model - Apple's iTunes + iPhone (iPod) + Apple TV

Of course, PS3 from Sony, Xbox 360 from Microsoft, and other players such as Comcast, Tivo, and etc. will still be its iPod user into the field and locked people in the business.

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