Wednesday, March 7, 2007

New PS3 Functionality

There is an interesting NY Times article about how the Sony PS3 is introducing new online functionality in addition to a potential killer app, (called MotorStorm, click here for the IGN review). The article states that Sony is planning on introducing persistent user identities across all games so that users may view each others exploits as well as upload and rank content. It will be interesting to see whether Microsoft will respond to this by imitating with their own proprietary code or whether they respond by advocating the addition of gaming to an open standard such as OpenID (mentioned in the previous blog). This would undermine any lock-in that Sony is trying to create by allowing users to easily import their identities across consoles.

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Gordon Rowe said...

I think the bigger question here is weather this new technology will be adopted by Sony's users, or how it will impact sales of the PS3 (which is not doing particularly well). When the console launched, the general consensus among the gaming community was that the online capability in the PS3 was implemented as an afterthought as the the machine was rushed to market. So it will be interesting to see if this new functionality resonates with customers.