Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Take Vonage With You

"Take Vonage With You" is the tag line. You certainly can. It is small enough to fit on a key chain. A small USB capable device the size and shape of a memory stick can be used to make calls away from the subscriber's home. The "V-Phone" device contains the phone number and authentication information so that a subscriber can make calls from any broadband connection in the world. If they live in Boston and are traveling in Tokyo, they can plug into a computer and make a call to New York City (or even next door) as if they were in Boston. The call rates apply as if they were sitting at their computer in Boston.

Will this technology compete with cell phones? As cell phones become more and more international with interchangeable chips on the same platform, the cell phone is a convenient international calling option. Calling using VOIP is, however, the most affordable option for international calling and broadband connection is increasingly easy to find in many places.

Perhaps this technology is more applicable to the international traveler as cell phone plans have generally encompassed all U.S. calling areas and offered sufficient minutes to meet the needs of most consumers. Regardless, this is an interesting technology that makes it easier to travel with your calling plan, especially when traveling outside the U.S.

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Sean said...

This product is very interesting that Vonage is shifting its strategy from offering the landline VOIP, AKA the hardware VOIP, services to the Soft VOIP services - it's crossing the broader and attacking other Soft VOIP service provides, i.e. Skype, TranPhone, and etc.

I believe that Vonage is doing great job on this move bceause the landline phone service (exclude VOIP) is a dying business - the landline phone users is moving toward the mobile services or landline VOIP services.

Vonage has been forseeing that Landline VOIP will die eventually so it would like to move earlier rather than being pushing out the core business.

HOWEVER, the move of Vonage is great but could be better - by lowering the device price - even give away the Free device to current user for locking in the user and to compete with Skype, which is having 2M user group and can download the software for FREE.

Let's see what will happen in the future......

Sean said...

By searching the Internet, I found more information about the Vonage V-Phone product.

Vonage V-Phone
Price: $39.99 ($9.99 activation fee, plus $14.99 for 500 minutes, $24.99 for Residential Unlimited, or $34.99 for Business Unlimited)

I am wondering that the $34.99 for Business Unlimited is "Monthly" or "Forever".....

According the source, the Vonage on the go is pricey compared to Skype, the V-Phone's sheer ease of use and better sound quality make it worth considering.


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