Tuesday, March 27, 2007

User Generated Content and its business model

As more and more content are becoming user generated (whether it be a video segment from a broadcasted media or authentic media), the business model could be created targeting the users themselves.
I think of Adobe's PDF example for this situation. I believe network provider such as 'youtube' should start charging the uploaders per transaction/length of media.
It's the uploaders who are much more motivated to use the service in order to get their ideas across or gain personal recognition. Motivated individuals would be willing to pay small fee for spreading their presence on the web. This will also control the credibility of contents, as people wouldn't pay money to create practical jokes or useless content.
Content provider can also use the service by uploading their content on the network. Using streaming media method, they could still air the content with advertisements in them. Whoever wishing to upload the same content without advertisements will have to pay as much money as the commercial content providers (long length of media). This will mitigate incentives to upload illegal content.

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