Thursday, February 15, 2007

Which map is better for you

We talked about Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo's map services in class. Here is a simple comparison of their satellite map.

The bird's eye view of Microsoft Virtual Earth looks very nice with its high resoulution images. It even allows you to view the search result from four angles, but its data is a little old. See the apartment building at 580 Commonwealth Avenue in the map. It is still under construction? :)

Yahoo's satellite map looks blurry with low resolution images. They should have used a better camara and chosen a sunny day. :)

Google's satellite map is decent. From this angle of view, it may not help you figure out what SMG building looks like, but it is good enough to help you find where SMG is. In addition, it seems faster than the other two sites.

Here are some articles that give you more detailed comparisons.


Sean said...

I tried the Google Earth application and the 3-D picture is really cool and somewhat helpful.

The picture quality I believe Microsoft's one is the best.....I believe MS paid professional photographer to do the photo things.

N. Venkatraman said...

Thanks for a good comparative analysis. I hope we will see more comparison of other service features!

Weimin said...

Professional photographer? I think the images were captured by satellite.

JI said...

I see big expense, and I can imagine ways to make these maps more useful. But I still don't see payoff in dollars. Google maps has been around for a couple years now and besides making MS spend money to keep up I haven't seen them making a ton of money from it.