Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Monster meets Web 2.0

Jobster Web 2.0 start-up that is meshing job search/networking with a MySpace touch. Essentially, there are companies that list positions as well as a networking side that allows people to publish their web personality in a professionally focused locale. Using this network you are able to refer friends and collegues directly into the HR group at these companies with a special recommendation.

I was one of the earlier users on this product and it was very helpful to me in finding my summer internship. I was interested in Web 2.0 businesses and how they related to what I was learning in the MSMBA, so I kept up with developments at Jobster. I was later asked to do a testimonial video of my experience at Jobster and why I like the product. There is a companion to this video done by a HR guy from TIVO who talks about working with Jobster from the hiring point of view. The video was shown at a few Web 2.0 conferences this past fall. Enjoy the indulgence, particularly my scale relative to my surroundings.

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