Saturday, February 17, 2007

Web 1.0: A Tribute

While we are focusing on web 2.0, we should not forget some of the important developments of web 1.0.
Here is a tribute to web 1.0 that is worth taking a look at to understand the key sites that were popular just few years back.

I am sure you remember some of these sites.

1. Hotmail
2. Geocities
3. Altavista
4. ICQ
5. Netscape
6. RealPlayer
7. Network Solutions

Any other web 1.0 site that you remember as being significant?


Tom Hamilton said...
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Tom Hamilton said...

Back in the day I used HotBot as my search engine. Take a look at to see what's left of it. It still looks like an early web 1.0 site (mis-aligned tables, simple background, etc.).