Thursday, February 22, 2007

Communispace: a better model for social network effects

For those interested in jobs in Boston, I interviewed with this company and they appear to have a strong business model. They are taking the value of product development and marketing to the next level by eliminating the 'as it happens' factor from sites like Their vision is below, along with their website.

Our Vision

Founded in 1999, with the vision of developing collaborative online communities, Communispace has radically changed the way businesses connect with their customers today. Because our orientation is different. It’s not about software. It’s about people.

Our technology connects people-to-people. Driven by the research and experience of anthropologists, facilitators, trainers, and other individuals committed to studying and promoting effective social networks, Communispace’s patented technology delivers a unique and vibrant experience. Our product design places special emphasis on creating a social environment that has people coming in frequently, engaging each other, sharing their interests, passions, and life stories in both formal and informal ways.

Our service connects you to your customers and to the vital insights that drive business growth and innovation. Our dedicated and experienced team pulls from the best practices of dozens of client engagements and ensures your information and research needs are met, every step of the way.


JI said...

Who are their customers? Are you still interested in working for them?

M Nichols said...

They claim their customers are many fortune 500 firms like J&J.

I had a phone interview and the HR guy never got back to me. I have no marketing background, which I think threw them off.