Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Web 2.0 Google Calendar

I know Google seems to be a popular choice, but its the one that i think does inspire the concept of 2.0 as well as anyone.

Not only do we have blogger and earth, we have calendar.

How many times have you wondered when people are free and your only way of finding out is to give them a call, send them an email or track them down via another way? Google Calendar solves these problems with a quick easy concept. (Assuming people update their schedules)

With Web 2.0 collaboration is key, and what else needs more collaboration than trying to figure out who is available and when they are available.

On a second note, I not sure if everyone saw this on CNN, but it was an interesting take on Zillow and its effect on Real Estate. It also talks a little how the key to the continuing growth of this might be added accuracy. Thought it was interesting given our conversations yesterday.

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