Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Verizon: Product, Process, Service matrix

  • Bandwidth Law: Verizon offers new mobile devices that can take advantage of the increasing digital bandwidth to deliver music and video content as well as text message services. Verizon has also used the Internet to improve processes like on-line bill paying for customers. The company has additionally added fiber optic data services (such as FiOS).

  • Metcalf’s Law: Verizon has built a network of Verizon customers through cellular and VoIP technologies. Iobi (middle picture) is one example of a Verizon product that helps customers manage mobile communications by seamlessly sharing data across multiple devices.

  • Moore’s Law: Many mobile devices are now looking less like phones and more like tiny computers with color LCD screens, keyboards and full featured operating systems. Moore's Law has also enabled consumers to access new mobile web applications (such as Mapquest) to change the way people access maps, find directions, look up stock quotes and search for sports scores.

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