Tuesday, February 6, 2007

How Motorola fits into the matrix.

  • The matrix shows how Motorola fits into this model. Further details are listed below for each of the images.

  • Bandwidth Law . . . a router that supports 870 MHz (product), a faster and more robust home network (process), and the ability to talk through VoIP (service).

  • Metcalf’s Law . . . the new Qwerty with the ability to stay connected to all mediums all the time (product), the person-to-person interaction on the voice network using Motorola technology (process), and Motorola Mesh Broadband technology increasing the reach of the network (service).

  • Moore’s Law . . . the portable workstation/laptop that is able to perform at higher and higher speeds and memory levels (product), the integration of Bluetooth technology into items such as these sunglasses (process), and Motorola iRadio (service).

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