Thursday, February 8, 2007


My web 2.0 company is Lego "Mindstroms" and I found that it is very interesting that how web 2.0 can connect online and offline. This product targets Lego mania using one of web 2.0's characteristics, Harnessing Collective Intelligence. Product user can download software from company's web site and build virtual block map before they actually build it. Company offers web space for these project so that people can share their own experiences and product development. Once project is done, people can post their final product with product specification(what kind of part, tools are needed, etc). These projects are sometimes chosen by company and becomes actual product too. Also they asked project uploaders to add tags when upload so that people easily can find their interests.

All these characterics of Harnessing Collective Intelligence, blog, tag shows that why LEGO is web2.0 company and how offline company can be a web 2.0 company.

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