Thursday, February 8, 2007


I thought Planzo was a good example of a Web2.0 company. They are an online calendar that allows you to share your events through the site, over blogs, and AOL instant messenger. You can even have SMS messages sent to your mobile so this could be a particularly useful site for those of you who are prone to forgetting birthdays and anniversaries. I think they represent a typical Web2.0 because they provide users with simple APIs to hook into the power of their calendar and add value to the network. Their focus on the value being the data and not trying to tie their users to a single device make them a prime Web2.0 example.

However, this is a scary time to be an equity holder in Planzo, Google Calendar entered the market in 2006 and I think their ability to bring more users to their site will tip the scales in their favor.

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