Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Web 2.0 and the value of information

We touched on this theme in class, but I wanted to delve a little bit more into the idea of decreasing value of information in the "always on" world. The proliferation of huge amounts of information on the web, whether it is from Wikipedia, blogs, or YouTube, has created a situation that requires individuals to develop and hone the ability to internally filter information as it is encountered. Unfortunately the predominant approach to consuming information is still an "old world" approach, where you simply trust the information that you are presented with, because you trust the source.

I believe that this is the little discussed but most important aspect of adapting to a Web 2.0 world. Understanding that information is not sourced on the Internet means that we have a responsibility to ensure that the information we consume has reliability. As consumers of information and members of the information generation, we all need to develop the skill to filter information ourselves, with potentially dire consequences if we cannot.

Unfortunately, as producers of information (from a personal or business standpoint), there is once again more work to be done to ensure that the information out in the world about your products and services is accurate.

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