Monday, April 23, 2007

NetVibes = the ultimate mash-up

I found this website linked from an article on is the ultimate mash-up that follows a model similar to Google's personalized homepage. The capabilities are much farther reaching since you can add content from a myriad of sources - not just Google. For instance, image search capabilities exist for searching multiple databases including Flickr, Google, Ask, and Yahoo! just by clicking various tabs.

It's a must visit website if you have not heard about it already. Upon loading, the website is fully customizable and can serve as a one-stop portal to the web.

NetVibes article


Phil Provost said...
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Phil Provost said...

NetVibes looks like it could provide a really valuable service to internet users.

I don't, however, see a clear business/revenue model behind it.

How will this site make money in the long run?

There doesn't even seem to be much room available on the webpage for targeted advertising.

Similar services are already offered (albeit with less functionality), such as Google's customizable home page. This type of website could also be easily copied by other competitors.

N. Venkatraman said...

The real question is whether they will get the necessary traffic to out-Google Google through advertising--which I presume is the driver for this site.

Still, it is worth keeping a tab on this mashup.