Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Apple's Mac share inches upwards during first quarter

I believe Apple will continue higher its PC market share based on its Intel-Mac and compatible with Microsoft's Windows XP and Vista.

From Apple Insider

Apple's Mac share inches upwards during first quarter

By Katie Marsal

Published: 09:30 AM EST

Data just released by market research firm IDC indicates that Apple's share of the worldwide personal computer market rose slightly during the first calendar quarter of the year, despite the simultaneous launch of Microsoft's first major operating system upgrade in over five years.

For the three-month period ending March, the Mac maker registered a 2.6 percent global share, up from 2.5 percent during the December quarter and from 2.1 percent during the year-ago quarter.

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N. Venkatraman said...

I think Apple will always be a niche player in the PC space because of its relatively closed architecture and lack of third-party network effects. So, a better measure is customer loyalty and retention as well as Profitability per customer.