Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Innovation isn't just IBM's play. . .

Capgemini CEO Paul Hermelin has a corporate strategy that matches the theme from class Today. His recently announced strategy was discussed during the press announcement of the acquisition of Kanbay (press release), a company in India heavily focused on Financial Services. It is called I-cubed (i^3) and stands for:

  • Industrialization
  • Individualization (or Intimacy)
  • Innovation
In this video, he mentions having a seamless process for delivering the complete 'package' to customers given the problem of distance or globalization. Obviously this is a trend that all consulting companies are picking up on. Are they hoping being the 'know how' people of innovation along with delivery will be the new standard of IT consulting?


N. Venkatraman said...

This is a great example: it reinforces the themes. Again, remember that we used IBM as a lens and not as the only company that is pursuing this idea. Please feel free to find other service companies in the IT sector that are adopting similar approaches. Thanks.

M Nichols said...

Interesting article about the benefit of 2.0/social networking sites used internally by IBM to create innovation (connecting the dots in the course).

"Think Space [internal social networking software] has been extremely positive. It estimates that the value Think Space has delivered, since its inception about 18 months ago, is in the region of $400 million. Most of the $400 million corresponds to direct cost reduction, but some is based on the valuation of quality improvements in business processes. This is real payback for a system that cost only a small fraction of that figure to implement—but that isn't what changed my [Author's] mind about Lotus Connections. It was Kapil's [IBM Executive's] description of the impact of Think Space on new IBM recruits that did that."

For more on this article see the following link: http://www.it-director.com/business/change/content.php?cid=9284